Wii Points Generators - Avoid!

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If you have a Wii console, you're probably aware that you can purchase games online. What you might not be aware of is the growing popularity of entirely fake "points generators", all of which do little more than dump lots of horrible files onto your PC. Keylogging and Trojans are the order of the day.

XBox points generators
have been around for a while, but Wii generators seem to be a little newer. They're certainly nice to look at:

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Well, most of them are. This one sort of ruins it:

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...oh dear.

You might have noticed all of the screenshots are a little blurry - that's because the only place you'll ever see programs such as the above are on Youtube videos promoting said applications - the pretty bells and whistles only exist on the desktop of the person who created the fake front end.

Downloading the file will only ever give you faked error messages on the desktop - something many Youtube videos will promote as a "feature", claiming the points take up to 48 hours to come through.

Yeah, right. It's all an elaborate con trick, designed to make you run the EXE then go about your daily business. Meanwhile, the files deposited on your PC are logging everything then sending it back to base.

Did I mention they look nice, though?

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Eye candy. It's surprisingly effective...

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