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Today I was browsing around a couple of Arabic language hacking forums, and came across a random link that took me somewhere interesting. Here's a screenshot of said forum, because everyone loves to look at mysterious hacking forums. Right?


Anyway, the site in question (registered to someone in Rabat, Morocco though this could well be fake data) appears to house the beginnings of a "banking phish" archive. Check it out:

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The site is a dumping ground for everything from Wachovia and Natwest to Chase and Barclays phish pages. In general, phish page sharing is usually done in a disorganised and quite random fashion on forums. To start stacking them up like this (it kind of reminds me a little of defacement archives) is quite an interesting and vaguely worrying approach.

At the top, the banner also promises unfinished sections such as "Letters" (presumably forgeries intended for real world scams), Mailing programs (those spam links won't send themselves to people!) and "CVV" (Card Verification Value).

The final insult is that this domain has actually been around since 2001, and in its original form actually fought scams - now it is one.

We'll be reporting the site and monitoring it closely in the meantime...


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