The "Myspace Lottery" Browser

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As mentioned in this post, this is a program we originally came across way back in July 2008 via a tipoff from an anonymous source. At first, we were a little puzzled as to its purpose and our anonymous source vanished into the ether so no additional information was forthcoming.

All we knew was that it allowed us to browse nothing but Myspace. Specifically, Myspace Groups. When the browser was opened up on the desktop, it would automatically take you to a random Myspace group with no way to enter a different URL, and the display simply showed "previous URL" and "Group ID" in the middle, with a collection of buttons to the left.

"Previous", "Next", "Topics" and "Lottery".

Here is the "Lottery Browser" in action. Note that the browser in its default :

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After a little playing around, we noticed that continually hitting the "Lottery" button would (naturally enough) take you to a different group. Depending on how the groups were set up, some were openly accessible, and some displayed "This is a private group".

However, it's the private groups that were of interest where this browser tool was concerned.

If you hit the "Topics" button and the group had no content in it, you'd see the following popup:


If you came across a private group that had posts in it and hit "Topics", this is what you'd see instead:

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All of your private topics are belong to us.

Now, I should stress - in testing, this browser rarely worked. More often than not, it would crash, hang, set the monitor on fire and burn down the house, those kinds of things. However, the potential for data theft (depending on the foolish things people post in "secret" groups"), information harvesting, harassment and plain old creepy voyeurism was still a risk where this "Lottery Browser" was concerned.

We don't know where it came from, and it seemed to die a death shortly afterwards. I'd have thought something like this would have spread like wildfire on the underground circuit, but it vanished almost as quickly as our mysterious tipster.

I suppose we should be thankful...

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