The Gift Of Steam: Part 2

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Here's another site related to The site in question this time round is called

This one takes a (somewhat bizarre) spin on attempting to take your login credentials:

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The site reads:

"The Steam Verification System is to ensure that multiple IP addresses are not used to access a single account. Please enter you account credentials below to verify your account. Accounts not verified within 24 hours of notice will be permanently disabled."

Given that one of the biggest plus points of Steam is that you can use your account on as many PCs as you want to - indeed, there are dedicated Steam sections in web cafes for just such a purpose - it seems ludicrous to base their scare tactics on multiple IP addresses (especially as the scam site actually links to a web cafe information page just out of screenshot).

However, there's always going to be someone who falls for this kind of scam.

Interestingly, the creator of both these sites has been promoting them on Youtube, under the account name of


And is listed as being 30, based in the United States. Typically, he's leaving comments such as these on Youtube videos:



As you might imagine, there are some rather angry comments appearing on his userpage. Here's some of the friendlier ones:

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Another interesting "feature" of these scams is that the Whois data isn't anonymised. Currently, the information for both sites reads as follows:


    Steve Zestner
    4163 Mesa Drive
    Lake Mead

Of course, these could be entirely fake details - but usually, websites such as these are either use anonymous registration service or obviously fake information. Could our phisher have been so silly to use his real name and address?

Perhaps. The only really important part to remember is to give websites such as the above a very wide berth...

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