Some More Steam Account Stealers

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There are a couple of Steam account stealers currently in circulation. How do I know they're account stealers? Well, a couple of clues coming up - but first, the obligatory "picture of the file on the desktop", because I know you love them as much as I do.



Anyway, fire the program up and you'll see this:


Seems great, doesn't it? Simply enter your Steam ID and Password, and you can choose to have either Counter Strike or "All Games" for free. I'm not sure why people would choose Counter Strike when they could get it with all the others via the first option, but then logic never plays into it where these kinds of programs are concerned.

Bonus points for the creator though, because they made a slightly snazzier version of the original program:


This one lets you pick from a wide variety of individual programs, just to give things a little more credibility.

Unfortunately that credibility is about to fly out the window. Shall we take a look inside the code?


Whoops. I wonder why EMail addresses are in there. Could it be your logins are sent back to base when you hit the "Get free games" button?

You bet. I wonder if this guy left his name in the code, too....


Marias Aas of Norway, I have a hunch you're about to become extremely popular. Looking at his Youtube profile, I'd be surprised if he wasn't already...


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