Phished XBox Live Accounts In Circulation

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Today we came across a collection of approximately 270 sets of login details that have apparently been Phished via a fake XBox Live login page. The list, some 27 pages long in Word format, would allow people to access stolen XBox Live accounts, some of which may have credit card details stored against them (along with other forms of personal information, of course).

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The list itself is actually around 300 or so entries, but it seems some of it is duplicate and / or obviously fake data, entered by people annoyed at the Phishers the list has come from (as a side note, I should add it's never a good idea to enter fake info on Phishing pages - it not only makes it harder for people who wade through this info looking for victims to contact, it also opens you up to potential retaliation attacks from the Phishers).

An additional "bonus" of grabbing Live ID data is that you can use it to check out EMail accounts associated with it - not a great situation, and one of the reasons I've never been too keen on "one login to rule them all" situations. We've already seen some people boasting on forums about the info they've pulled from various EMail accounts associated with the list - how quickly "stolen XBox account" becomes "stolen everything else".

This list seems to be in circulation on a number of hacking forums; the majority of the accounts were phished between November and December of last year. Despite the relatively long time that's elapsed since the data was first collected, a lot of the accounts still seem to be accessible based on comments we're seeing on those underground sites. It seems someone might have put their personal stash on "general release" to gain some kudos with others.

We've passed the stolen data onto Microsoft, and we're sure they'll move swiftly to lock down the accounts involved.

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