PDF Documents Encourage Zango Installs Via Illegally Ripped TV Shows

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For a long time now, I've wondered exactly why so many people are creating identikit websites, all asking you to install Zango in return for "free" movies and TV shows, almost always illegally ripped and streamed without the permission of the rights holder.

These sites have become something of a plague over the last year or so, and sometimes they seem to tie into other areas such as cookie cutter sites offering games. Who can forget the wonderful Batman game from a few months ago that followed the same template as the movie sites?

At any rate, I've spent quite some time trying to find out who could have come up with the idea of telling everyone to run out and make these movie / TV sites. It stands to reason that the idea of creating these things en masse and rolling them out to the public at large must have had a good, solid nudge from somewhere, right?

Well, step right up, interesting and faintly outrageous PDF Document.

For your eyes only, Ladies and Gentlemen:

"Annihilating Zango For Skyrocket Profit".

No really, that's the title.

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What we have here, is nothing less than an instruction manual encouraging people to go out and create as many of these movie streaming cookie cutter sites as possible to make a tidy profit from installing Zango. I should add, right at the outset, that this has NOT been created by Zango - rather, an enterprising person (or persons) that decided to hop on the gravy train.

Indeed, check out the comical "disclaimer":


This entire document promotes illegal streaming to make a profit and unethical activity (it even has section on how to get an account approved with Zango if you've been previously rejected), yet the creator says "I'm not responsible".

Well, there's a surprise

Even better, he says "You have NO rights to distribute this document", yet he stomps upon the copyright of the TV show creators he's making money from without permission. Once again, I'm shocked. On the bright side, I'm definitely not "dumb" where obtaining a copy of this document is concerned, because I woke up to find it tucked under my pillow.

Moving on, the rest of the introduction gives you a general rundown on Zango, payout rates and a screenshot of his earnings. Then we come to this:

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I'd take issue with this being the "only unethical thing" in the PDF, considering the whole thing is based on generating profit from pirated movies but anyway. Some choice extracts:

"Now, when you signup with Zango, use some fake details" is a nice start. I've blanked out his actual method for attempting to scam Zango, but honestly? I'm a little surprised that he claims such a stupid technique actually works.

As for this:

"...I've never been verified by phone, because I registered under a famous Zango user and he simply told them to accept me anyway"

If that's true, I'm dazzled - especially given that this guy is the King of promoting installs via pirated material in PDFs you have to pay 10 to 15$ to obtain.

The next section shows you how to build a site quickly, targeting the TV shows most likely to make you a lot of money. Oh, I forgot - the package comes with phpvideoscript, which enables you to build an endless stream of identikit websites.


Handy, eh?


Good job Lost is keeping him rolling in the money. It goes a bit wrong on the next page though, because he leaves what is apparently his Zangocash username in the screenshot.

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Say hello to xMastex! If Zango are reading this, you might want to go slamdunk his account in a ditch (if you haven't already), seeing as he's

1) Making money from PDFs ready rolling websites designed to profit from illegally ripped TV shows and movies via installs of your Adware and
2) Giving out "unethical" advice with regards joining your program with fake details.

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As you can see above, he then goes on to list the best places to grab ripped streams, ready to be placed on your freshly created army of websites. Because of the system used to manage the sites you've created, you can add a stupid amount of videos to the pages with little to no fuss:

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The rest of the document covers sites to submit your movie links to, traffic boosting and tricks involving places such as Sidereel.com. Oh, and this:


...I thought the only unethical part of this PDF was the bit where they signed up to Zango with fake information? Oh well.

Who is Doing This?

Well, there's a bit of a tangled web where that's concerned. A number of different names are used in Whois for many of the sites referenced by "Mastex" on various places, the document signs off as "Stefano" and there's apparently an updated version of this document floating around on the net too.

To make things more complicated, it seems there are quite a few people now making their own versions of these PDFs.

There's usually a trail though, and sure enough I happened to find a review of one of these PDFs where someone is asking for "review copies". It's screenshot time:


It's pretty likely "Marko" and Mastex aren't the same people,  because Stefano appears here as Mastex on Digg - but he's certainly promoting one of his own PDFs. The reviewer blanked out the URLs, but it's not too difficult to Google Marko + Gossipgirl websites ...

Click to Enlarge

Look at that - someone called Marko spamming links to viewgossipgirl.info, via a number of streaming sites. However, the really interesting bit is the Digg link.

Click to Enlarge

Well, I'm surprised by all the "watch free episodes online" links. Honestly.

Do a Whois search on Sick-Videos.net, and...


Man, someone forgot their anonymous Whois Guard, didn't they?

The document Marko is pushing seems to be different from the original Mastex version, so it's entirely possible there's a whole industry out there involving people creating (then selling) their very own "make money in a dubious fashion" PDFs. All of the Marko sites that offered up Zango (here's one) seem to have had the Zango popup removed so perhaps they killed his account - but that doesn't mean he has to stop selling his PDFs. And so the industry continues to grow.

The question is, when is someone going to do something about it?

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