Mygamesfile, Revisited

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Not so long ago, I wrote about

a site that promised "games", but insisted you download and install Zango before being taken to a series of extremely failure-filled demo versions. Well, I've been back to the site lately and things seem to have changed a little bit.

If you hit the "Download" button now:


 ...pretty, isn't it?'ll see this appear in the bottom left hand corner of your browser:


However, instead of being taken to the Zango gateway like you were previously, the screen flashes briefly and you're taken directly to the demo download.

In other words, no more Zango.

If I had to guess, I'd say Zango have either cancelled the site owners account, or it's still live but they're blocking him. Either way, the site is no longer making people install something before presenting them with a major letdown in the form of lame demo versions. So hey, if someone from Zango is reading this and you did indeed whack the account - thanks.

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