LiveGrabber And The Art Of Distraction

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There's an old technique in certain forms of martial arts - when confronted by an attacker, just before they start to throw the first punch, you distract them with something utterly stupid.

Could be a silly noise, or you might waggle your arm to the side while pulling a face - doesn't matter. The stupider the better, it's just there to make them wonder what on earth is happening shortly before you put them through a window and run away as fast as you can.

Well, same deal here. Today we came across a program designed to do nothing at all. No hijack, no contacting a server, no files dropped, no registry entries, no staying in memory....nothing.

What is it used for?

Distraction. And lots of it.

There is a video currently in circulation on sites such as Youtube, promoting something called LiveGrabber.


The program looks amazing, gives you all kinds of free things, hands you free accounts for the paid XBox Live service and so on. All done by pushing a few buttons. Here are some pics lifted directly from one of the videos:




Told you it was nice looking.

However, the gimmick here rolls into town exactly six seconds into the video:


"New update available: it will no longer have an interface. It will run silent in the background -  when opened you must visit the website to redeem".

Yes, the NEW version is completely invisible and runs "silently" (extremely silently!), only giving you lots of free things if you visit the website promoted in the video and enter your own Live login details.


While we've seen fake programs before, usually they either refuse to work, drop infection files or give out fake error messages.

This is the first time we've seen someone create an extremely slick looking interface for a Youtube video, then reduce it to nothing and pretend it's "doing something in the background". It seems the original version available to download did the usual "fake error message" routine, but the author grew tired of trying to explain away fake error messages.

What could be better than telling people it now runs silently in the background?

At any rate, based on the comments left on the creators Youtube page, it seems it's enough of a distraction to get people to hand over their login details to

Click to Enlarge

Did I say "user comments"? I sure did. I'll leave you with the thoughts of some people soon to be parted from their Live ID login credentials...




Yes. Of course it does...!

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