Lag Switching: Big Business

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Here's a bunch of people complaining about stuff on the Internet.

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What are they complaining about? The "art" of lag switching, which is where someone playing a game online uses a special "switch" to make the game....surprise....lag. Doing this can kick other people out of the game, make their connection drop, give you an edge as you "magically" appear behind their characters and shooting them into oblivion.

All in all, it's pretty cheap.

However, some people seem to be doing quite well out of it all. I was somewhat surprised to see this:

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That's right, for $15 (plus $7 shipping) you too can cheat your way out of the trickiest situations with a custom built lag switcher, lovingly delivered to your doorstep via the USPS. I love the quotes on the site:

"This is one of the easiest switches on the market.
Set unit on the floor, tap button with foot to create lag.
Quickly tap (only once) to create 5 seconds of lag,
wait 5 seconds, tap again to lag 5 more seconds.

Our favorite: Wait until you see your opponent,
tap the button, run next to that same opponent
& start shooting, tap again at the next opponent"

.....yes, wonderful.

In addition to the nifty diagrams of how their lag switches work, they also have a pile of photographs of their switches connected to various controllers:

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They even have an EBay store.

However, what I find particularly disturbing (aside from the fact they claim to have sold nearly 5,000 of these things) is the following quote taken from their FAQ page:


Wait - videogame stores are going to be selling game-breaking devices that aren't actually allowed on gaming networks such as XBox Live?

I see angry legal people on the horizon, all of them excited by the smell of their next meal...

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