iTunes Code Generator Scams

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I hate Bono.

Really, I could end the writeup there. However, I thought it might be interesting (hot on the heels of the fake Wii points generators) to take a look at another neglected aspect of generator scams - iTunes.

Applications such as these:



...are doing their level best to convince you they can give you lots and lots of free music. In reality, they'll just give you a headache.

Here's a couple of random iTunes code generators sitting on the desktop, because I know you love these kinds of pictures:


Quite a lot of these things have cute little icons and other gimmicks, all designed to convince you the programs you're running are legitimate. However, it doesn't matter if they look like this in the funky Youtube videos:


When you run the file, you'll always either end up with

a) nothing happening (there'll be quite a bit happening in your System 32 Folder, though) or

b) this:


Endless fake error messages. Amazingly, not only did this application not work on my Vista computer, but also on XP, NT and Me. I even wheeled Windows 98 out of cold storage, just to see what happened.

The answer, of course, was "nothing at all".

Remember, fake error messages (along with promises of "It's not working now, but you WILL get your codes later") are all part of the gag.


When you start to dig around in these programs for a while, you might think twice about running them. For example, here's a generator that seems to have some virtual machine awareness:

Click to Enlarge

Something as supposedly harmless as a points generator looking out for virtual machines? Uh, that sounds a little suspicious to me. If you run the program in a virtual machine, nothing happens, and no files are deposited into various folders on the PC. I've seen a lot of fake generator programs, but to turn up one that has some basic virtual machine awareness in it is quite an interesting catch.

Generally, any videos on Youtube promoting these applications will be stuffed full of "Oh wow, it worked!" comments from accounts registered purely to leave those messages - another indicator that all is not what it seems. Sadly, a large proportion of Youtube users wouldn't stop to check if the commenters are actually legit users.

Finally, here's two promos from two different people, each advertising a separate product - one is an iTunes points generator, the other for Wii points.

See if you can spot the error:



Despite the fact that these are both supposed to be different programs, they both link to the SAME file on Rapidshare, a rather suspiciously named file called "Youtube.exe". Five minutes investigation like the above would be enough to set alarm bells ringing in the heads of most users, but would they be too enticed by the prospect of free music to care?

And more importantly, did I mention that I hate Bono?

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