It's Evolution, Baby

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I've previously written about phishing scams which appear to look like Rapidshare pages, and claim to offer specific products (without linking to any actual files).

Well, this seems to be an evolution of that particular attack.

Here's one of the newer kinds of Phish I'm talking about.

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"This file is larger than 200 Megabyte. To download this file, you either need a Premium Account, or the owner of this file may carry the downloading cost by making use of "TrafficShare".

The interesting part is that (unlike the earlier phish pages covered) these ones actually link to genuine files on Rapidshare, all adding to the illusion that this is legitimate (if you try to download the file on Rapidshare, you'll be given the same message regarding premium accounts).

Quite a smart tactic, then. Of course, you really shouldn't be downloading files with "Warez" in the name anyway...

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