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I've noticed this site:

is having a weird resurgence in popularity - a typical "enter your MSN login details to find out who blocked you" affair, it's been around for some time but appears to be on the up. Indeed, I've already had 3 MSN contacts in the past week have their name changed to

" <-- Find out who deleted you from the MSN without noticing it"

Here's the site in question:

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Of course, anyone checking out their T&Cs will notice the warning signs:

If ScanMessenger considers it necessary, it will use different means to advertise the site, sending from the users' account an only automatic message to their online contacts promoting the website."


"After checking your contact list, your nick will be changed to " <-- Find out who deleted you from the MSN without noticing it" . This happens only ONCE and you will be able to change your nick back whenever you want, in the same way you usually change it."

Do you really want to annoy all your contacts and have them drop you quicker than you can blink? Seriously, these kinds of services do nothing but annoy people. If they already have you on block, they're hardly going to be inclined to start talking to you again when you're spamming them senseless about some service they couldn't care less about.

Your choice...

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