Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, With Special Guests Zango

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Jonathan Ross, the well known TV presenter has found himself the subject of a website promoting his television show. Unfortunately, it's nothing to do with him and only exists to install Zango Adware onto PCs.

The site in question is

and looks like this:

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Pretty, isn't it? Anyway, click into any of the episodes and you'll see a Zango installer.

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He doesn't look too happy about having his head pasted onto an adware prompt, but oh well.

What really made me laugh about this website was the usual boilerplate disclaimer at the bottom of the page:

"Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any content which is streamed through this website. If any damage occurs by the use of information presented here, only shall the content provider be held liable.The streaming videos that has been found here are hosted by third party. Any copyrighted videos, pictures or music is a property of the original copyright holder and it was found on third party sites. Therefore for any copyright violations, the owner of this blog is not liable."

Oh really? Is the owner of the blog "not liable" when we find the person uploading at least some of the content is what appears to be....

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....the owner of the blog?

This person is seemingly ripping, then uploading BBC material to promos on Youtube to make a quick profit from Zango. Some of the other sites out there doing this can try and squirm out of copyright related shenanigans by linking to videos hosted in China - nothing to do with us, someone else uploaded it - but here we apparently have the site owner himself uploading the copyrighted content.

Funnier still, once you've actually installed Zango, all of the pages look like this:

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There's a complete lack of videos. Whether you browse the site in IE or Firefox, there's nothing there. If you go back and check out what any of the supposed episode pages look like before you install Zango, you can see one of the "movie" windows behind the installer prompt. Note the length of the clip:

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Every single video has a running time of 8:10.

Could it be - and I don't want to appear overly cynical here - that the supposed Youtube videos "featured" on site are nothing more than jpegs of a Youtube video window? The alternative is the site is coded extremely poorly and there's some sort of glitch preventing you from watching a ream of episodes that all last exactly 8:10.

Either way, it's not the greatest deal going, especially when the people promoting the site on Youtube place messages such as these in their videos to bait people in:


Maybe Jonathan Ross should do a show about it...

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