Fake Google Talk / AIM Programs, And How To Spot Them

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Someone has created a couple of fake applications currently in the wild, both made to look like legitimate chat programs. They're pretty convincing:



We've seen these kinds of scams before, and as with those programs, when the victim enters their details they're stored locally on the PC (in this case, storing them in Settings.ini) for the attacker to collect.

Though this means physical access to the PC is required (think net cafe scammers hawking around unsecured PCs), for around 5$ you can buy an upgraded version which sends the stolen data to an FTP server.

Okay, I hear you cry - how do we spot these particular nasties?

Well, it seems vanity has got the better of the creator. They just couldn't resist putting in a "hidden" about page that tells you who made them - presumably for bragging rights on forums.

This works great for us, especially when I do so enjoy randomly clicking around on the surface of rogue programs just in case something amazing pops up.

As luck would have it...



Thanks, vain hacker type person. Obviously, this will only work where you're presented with a PC running either of the above, but it's better than nothing...

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