Building A Scam Empire

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This is something we've seen a lot of recently.

First, we need a Habbo phishing page, with something a little different added into the mix. Like this one:

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Notice something? Under the login panel, there's a section that says "Promo Code" and "If you have one, enter to receive an extra 100 credits".

Why would a phishing victim enter a "promo code"? And where would they get one from?

If you want the answer to that, you need to know where to go further upstream. In this case, that would be the main website of the person responsible for the phishing page:

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As you can see, it's scam city. Specifically:

"Learn to Scam!

Get rich quick using our scam site maker.

Ever wondered how a lot of Habbos have tonnes of furni ?... Simple, they either scam or spend hundreds of pounds on credits and then trading. But you don't want to be spending any money do you? Wouldn't you rather have it for free?

Using this sites scamming system you can get rich in just a few hours of hard work."

So, we have a "sign up, get phishing" scheme in play. As for the promo codes, you're about to see why this scam is so good, but only for the person who set it all up:


Amazingly, you're told to go off and direct people to two phishing sites operated by the scam site owner, instead of your own phishing URLs. The gag is you have to tell the victims to enter a "promo code" that will allow the scam site to "track which phished accounts belong to you".

Of course, it's all nonsense.

What's actually happening here, is that someone simply sits back and waits for lots of underlings - that would be you, if you happen to fall for this - to run around spreading their phishing links for them.

I'm willing to bet good money that the people recruited for these scams never, ever see the login details of the people they phished - meanwhile, someone sits at the top of the chain, building a scam empire with a maximum of style and a minimum of effort.

Well, as much style as you can muster when scamming scammers, anyway...

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