Airmiles Phish?

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We came across an interesting site the other day:

A replica of the Virgin Atlantic website:

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None of the links worked, but you were able to login over on the right. Well, I say "login" - what I actually mean, is "send your account details to the phisher".

Now, I'm not familiar with Virgin Atlantic so you might have to help me out here. The only possible reason I could think of for obtaining Virgin Atlantic "Flying Club" logins was to somehow make use of the airmiles stored against the account. If anyone out there reading this has a Virgin Atlantic account - is that possible? Can you transfer (say) airmiles to other accounts, perhaps? I can't see how the phisher could simply book flights under the name of the stolen account, so I'd guess there must be some way to exploit the system involving airmiles.

Either that, or someone just really likes collecting Virgin Atlantic logins.

Curiously, this phish page pops up in a few other places - most notably, involving complaints related to fake job offers with Virgin Airlines here and here. The site is currently offline, but don't be surprised if they take to the skies again shortly...


Virgin Atlantic can confirm that the website has been shut down.

The website was associated with a recruitment phishing scam. Virgin Atlantic is in no way associated with this scam and would never offer to ask members of the public to part with money in applying for a career at the airline.

At Virgin Atlantic we take these matters very seriously. We have reported this matter to the Police and have been successful in clamping down on the scam, by closing down associated websites, telephone numbers and email addresses.

To look for legitimate recruitment opportunities with Virgin Atlantic Airways, please visit

Virgin Atlantic

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