Hi, I'm Jeff. Unfortunately, I'm Also Kevin

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It seems a lot of people are jumping on the same sort of bandwagon that spawned the "Obama Stimulus Program" website from a few weeks ago. Namely:

1) Create a website telling everyone they can get thousands of dollars in Government grants
2) Show lots of happy people waving their cheques around
3) Tell the end-user they can have this too, if only they send a few dollars to cover postage and packaging. Presumably in return they get sent a list of Government grants that you could have gotten for free by just, you know, ringing up your local office.
4) The website owner makes so much money they most certainly don't need Government assistance.

Here's another one, sent to me by a good friend of mine. "Jeff Gets Grants":

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It's the same deal as the Obama site - pay up for shipping and handling, and then roll around in pools of money beyond your wildest dreams.

That's the theory, anyway. Let's find out a little bit about Jeff:

"Right now I am a proud firefighter and family man, born and raised in Austin, Texas. But it wasn't always this way. Year after year more and more money kept coming out from my bank account than I deposited from my salary."

....is it just me, or does all of that sound extremely fake? Well, hold that thought.

Jeff? Say hello to Kevin.

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It seems Jeff had a bang on the head, woke up as Kevin (laid off as an account rep, but married for 3 years to "Audrey") who now makes thousands of dollars "posting links on Google". The URL here is


Talk about a split personality!

I particularly like the fake blog comments at the bottom of each website. Here's one from Kevi - wait, I mean Jeff. Or do I? Man, this is confusing.


....a "few months back"? I guess Jeff / Kevin / Mr Fake Person can travel through time too, because the site was only created on the 3rd of January 2009.


Anyway, you might want to avoid all of these sites like the plague. None of them seem to be particularly legitimate, and I sincerely doubt you'll suddenly get "$80,000 to pay off my mortgage" like StephJ988 did. Assuming she's real.

Which she isn't.

She did come in handy, however, for finding more of these ludicrous websites. If ever you wanted to play the "how many times can one man be called so many different names" game, then here comes Christmas. As for poor old "Audrey", wife of Kevin (and Brian....and Steve....and John......and David...), I suspect she'll probably have the police after her due to the fact she's apparently married to twelve different men at the same time.

Cut and paste templates - an endless source of amusement.



I've seen some even crazier ads on Facebook for these same scammy sites, involving photos of various TV newsreaders with badly-Photoshopped hands holding their newly-earned money. I blogged about this here:


My husband and I did this and found this morning that we were charged 79.95 on our card. They told me that it was a monthly fee and I told them to cancel it because it was not mentioned in the email that I replied to. The man on the phone did cancel my subscription but also mentioned that it was a loan, I told him that I was not stupid and that grants are not loans. I asked to speak with his supervisor but the supervisor never came on he just came back on saying that he spoke with his supervisor and was authorized to give the refund.

I found it interesting and slightly suspicious that he claims to have grown up in my town. I did a "view source" of the joshmadecash page and found he has code that amounts to:

"I grew up in the [insert your city and state name here] area"

So this guy is from wherever you are viewing his page from!

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