Is Broken Again

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Okay, I tried repeatedly to get the site back up and running after it fell to pieces just before Christmas. Unfortunately, I've since discovered that the domain mapping being used to keep the site working was an awful lot more unstable than it had any right to be.

I woke up yesterday to find the site AWOL, and everything behind the scenes was a mess.....again.....for the third time. It seems crazy to keep impacting on my writing duties here by grapping with a website that (for the time being) refuses to play nice, so for now, this is sadly the end of my attempts to bring the site back. It's not fair on readers to be constantly told the "site is back", only to watch it go horribly wrong five minutes later.

It's not a massive problem - it just means the sum total of posts that would have been spread across two sites will now just be on this one site.


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