How To Duplicate Microsoft Points...Not

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There are many Microsoft XBox Live scams out there - many involve increasingly sophisticated "fake points generators" (which claim to produce "free" Microsoft points used to purchase downloads and other items, only to steal your login details).

However, some are so amazingly breathtaking with regards what they ask the end-user to do, it's somewhat miraculous anybody would actually fall for them.

This is one such scam, currently doing the rounds on Youtube. Our video begins:


...wait, how to duplicate the Microsoft points you already paid for? Wow. That's going to be pretty impressive. First though, we need to throw in some cod-technical speak to confuse the masses and make this seem more legit:


Yep, that'll do it. Poor old "Microsoft generator", whatever that is. It goes on:

"To do this, you'll need the following items..."


Must be an "unused card" (in other words, one that you've already purchased), eh? I wonder why. Let's see where this goes....


...EMail? They're not going to ask people to do what I think they're going to ask them to do, are they?


...whoops, they are. In a nutshell, you run out, buy your Microsoft points, then EMail a random stranger your (unused) code, along with some more cod-technical nonsense in the body of the mail that supposedly makes this "generator" create a duplicate of your unused code. You then presumably skip into the Sunset, armed with twice the points you started out with and go on a massive spending spree.

The alternate theory would be that you buy a code, then EMail it to a random stranger and they simply use it for free, at your own expense, leaving you with nothing.

Surely not...!

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