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This XBox Live phish attempt caught my eye:

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It's a lot better looking than many of the others I see, and the phisher took the time to make a fake screenshot to impress you with all the fake money he (doesn't) have. The most interesting thing about it for me is that it references another domain (""). Usually they're pretty anonymous.

Anyway, I decided to check out the domain - there's nothing there, could it have been taken down? Well, a quick search later and we have this (rather well edited) Youtube video. Apparently the domain simply hosted the same phishing page, so yes - it's a fair bet someone had it taken offline.

The important part is when you check out the profile of the person who owns the account:


Yes, our phishing friend is only 14. I've had quite a bit of experience researching people at the younger end of the age spectrum involved in this sort of thing, and I have to say the basic mechanics of "how to phish" are all in place with this kid.....slick websites, Youtube promotion, little touches like fake's all there.

Worrying, isn't it?

Anyway, the URL to avoid here is


Sorry you or the blog owner have known I have posted some comments here before and haven't used my website. I am in the process of designing one....and deciding what domain names to register. On the record I have used my Facebook page URL in the mean time. That will soon change to a public website on I have some blogs too....

Anyhow this is a good reminder of the situtations or mediums that phishing can be found. Is the difference here being the phishers meticulate creation of his web presence and slick screenshot...? I am trying to program a bookmarklet to identify Facebook/MySpace phishing scams. But that would be interesting to port a tool to XBox.

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