Fake "Blocked By Mail Filter" Messages

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A clever tactic used by spammers to get you to click their links: send an official looking email saying you "unsubscribed" to various services. If enough of them are sent out, eventually you're going to send them to someone who immediately wonders how they managed to unsubscribe from their favourite website / newsletter / whatever.

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In this case, hovering over the "Unsubscribe" hyperlink shows that it'll actually send you to


Which is a fairly typical Viagra website:

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As always, be suspicious of random "Unsubscribe" messages sent via EMail. If in doubt, hover over the links and check the address it leads to at the bottom. If you're still unsure, just ignore the email and go directly to the website in question. The site here is fairly harmless, but the same technique could easily be applied to email address harvesting and sending you to infection sites.

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