EBay Phish Displays Adverts With Dead Bodies On Them

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Wow, this is creepy.

It's an EBay phish page that does two things.

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The first is that it bizarrely asks you to install a Firefox extension called QIP (as you can see from the yellow bar across the top in the above screenshot), which (as far as I'm aware) is a legitimate Russian extension that allows you to converse with friends across multiple platforms.


Call me crazy, but I'm sure most EBay users would immediately think something was wrong if they were presented with a Russian Firefox extension on EBay.

Worse is to come, however. If the end-user should scroll down a little, they're presented with adverts - and they don't exactly convince you that this is the real EBay website. One usually contains a naked woman of some sort. The other? Well, it tends to show a close up of a randomly selected dead womans face, often horribly mutilated.

Yes, I have no idea what's going on here either.



Now I've seen a lot of strange things on EBay. Fake laptops, XBox scams, cash on delivery con-jobs and hacktool packs. However, naked women and dead bodies probably takes first prize (at least it would if this was the real site). Thanks for freaking me out, insane Russian phisher.

In case you're wondering, the adverts all seem to take you to some kind of Russian linkdump, where none of the images relate to the site you're going to end up at. Russian Roulette is indeed the name of the game where that's concerned.

The site to avoid like the plague here is


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