A Game That's Impossible To Lose

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This tale starts with a random (and entirely unrelated) advert placed on a forum:


As you probably guessed already, their "Mom" in "Tamworth" doesn't actually exist. Click the ad, and...

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You're dropped into a game of multiple choice, except its rigged in your favour. Regardless of which door you select, you'll see this:


Seriously, I picked the "winner" eleven times out of eleven. If I was that good, I'd be in Vegas, not playing "guess the right door to win an iPhone".

Let's see, fake unrelated advert to get you here, rigged game that removes the possibility of losing (they can't make money if you lose, right?) I'm loving the site so far. Anyone signing up to stand a chance of winning had better love spending lots of money on phone bills too - check out the price of this particular service:

"This is a subscription service, it will cost ?10 ($13) per week (plus ?5 set up fee), max 4 items per week, until you send STOP to 85115."


Of course, you could save the money you'd be about to waste on random phone lotteries and save up to buy one instead, but that would be just too sensible...

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