Zombie Phish Eats Flesh, Steals Logins

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If you like shooting zombies in the face - and who doesn't - then you may well have already purchased Left 4 Dead, a videogame pitting four survivors against a relentless zombie horde.

Well, it appears to be a popular target for scammers. An EMail popped up in my mailbox over the weekend, claiming I'd received a "guest pass" that would let me play the full game "for a limited time". Here's the mail in question:

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"The steam support has invited you to use a free guest pass for Left 4 Dead on Steam, the leading digital distribution platform for PC games.

Once you've installed Steam (or if you already have an account) click here to accept steam supports invitation to a full game of Left 4 Dead."

Of course, the link for the "guest pass" doesn't take you to an official site - it takes you to

steampovvered.co.cc (note that's steampo v v ered, NOT steampowered)

At that point, if you enter your Steam password, you've potentially lost it for good. The site is currently offline, presumably because it's already been reported ("This domain is under examination at the moment, it will be finished within 24 hours"). However, there are probably more Phishing scams out there attempting to capitalise on the popularity of this particular game.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to prepare for the coming Zombie Apocalypse...

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