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I recently posted about this, regarding videogamers inexplicably spamming a moneymaking link to all their friends.

The same site is being posted to everything from Reddit to Digg, and assuming this isn't the grandest "hack every type of account known to Man and post autospam from it" scam I've ever seen (which is unlikely), we have to draw one conclusion - half the Internet has taken leave of their senses in the mad rush to see some incredibly tame pictures of a semi-naked woman.

It's a conclusion that has a fair amount of evidence lying around to back it up - here's an explanation from someone who posted it to a forum, only to have their original post edited by a Mod:

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"I'm just really shallow and want to see the rest".

...amazing that people are so eager to post this everywhere when if they really wanted to, they could see as much naked flesh as they want in about three seconds or less. Apparently it's easier to annoy your friends with spam and ruin your reputation on forums you've been on for a long time.

Whoever came up with this idea must have a swimming pool filled with money.


Wow. How offensive. Just because I posted a Digg article on a website of softcore pictures of a fairly attractive girl. I simply found it amusing, and honestly found it true, at first. Yes, as surprising as it sounds, I found the website true at first. I thought to myself, "Hmm, that must be a stupid girl to be so picture happy with that guy then break up with him forgetting that he had those pics of her," So I shared it with my girlfriend and my friend. They recommended that I post this on Digg. I rarely do any activity on Digg and I think this is the first or second article I've ever Posted on Digg. Back to my thoughts of this website--Yes, I thought it was true at first. Just like watching a magician float or something, your mind perceives it as true until eventually you know it's not. I would appreciate it if you remove my link from your article, kind sir--as I've done nothing malicious to imply that I'm a spammer of some sorts. Good day, sir.

"as I've done nothing malicious to imply that I'm a spammer of some sorts"

Lol, nobody said anyone who posted the link is a "malicious spammer" themselves. What's been *observed* is that people are rushing to post this viral spamlink on the flimsiest of premises - "I broke up with my ex, if you spam this link to everyone you know you'll see lots of nude shots of her, oh by the way you can pay some money and see them INSTANTLY!"

Come ON, dude....those sorts of things have been around for *years*. You've never seen one of those "shots of my ex girlfriend" sites before?

I checked out your Digg submission - I notice in the comments someone called you a spammer and linked to this article. Given the content of the post you made, and given the site the link itself leads to (and given that a good proportion of Digg users have seen sites like that submitted to it over and over again down the years), can you honestly say you're surprised lots of people have seen anything related to this site as spam in the last week or so?

Why ELSE do you think forums, blogs and websites are full of confused moderators having to edit & delete posts and (in at least one case i know of) ban a longtime regular user for (as they saw it) turning into what looked like some kind of automated spambot for a day?

If you yourself woke up one morning to find that link on digg, you'd probably think something similar....porno spam submission.

But I don't see how this particular article is at fault simply for highlighting the spread of the link, especially when all it said in reference to you specifically was "The same site is being posted to everything from Reddit to Digg". By your own admission, you fell for it too and that's how these things take hold - someone you know recommends it, because you trust that person, you've no reason to think there's anything wrong with it and then off it goes.

That site could have contained anything - browser exploit, downloader, who knows what. And yet despite not knowing anything about the site, on the trust of your friends (and even though it reeks of pay per view porn site, complete with "phone this number to gain access), thousands of people have posted it all over the place.

THAT is hugely worrying and says we're way, way too trusting online.

Sub Wrath is correct.

However, you took the time to post - I don't normally change anything but in this case I'll make an exception and remove the link.

In all honesty, you're lucky you didn't get your digg account banned - I've seen people hosed for less, especially as your profile didn't have much activity on it since February, then has a handful of recent submissions which includes a pay-for porn site that's being spammed all over the a Mod, that could have well looked like a long-dormant spam account that suddenly comes to life and posts up a bunch of viagra sites or whatever.

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