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This is a particular favourite of Phishers - a page claiming to give you free Microsoft Points for XBox Live, only to take your login and do what they want with it (which could range from using the credit card stored against your account to buy lots of games you don't actually want to just trashing your gamer profile).

With that in mind, then, here's the offering for today:

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The "3.1" in the bottom right hand corner is particularly humorous. Anyway, hit "Click here" and you're taken to a standard fake Live login page:

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If the unwary visitor should enter their details, some code in a .php file will stash the login for the Phisher to grab later while immediately redirecting you to the following (entirely fake) message on a blank page:

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If you get to the stage where you see this message, you should be thinking about logging in as quickly as you can and changing your password. Top tip for the day - any website that offers "Free Microsoft points" should be avoided like the plague. I've yet to see a genuine one, and I think I can safely say I'll be waiting for quite some time before I do...

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