Calling All "Victims" Of A Recent XBox360 Hack...

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As many of you probably know, I like my videogames. I also really like videogames where you get to shoot thousands of crazed zombies in the face, with a pump action shotgun. With that in mind, I was particularly interested in a collection of files that surfaced about a week or so ago, in relation to the popular videogame Left 4 Dead.

See, in theory it's supposed to be extremely difficult to mess around with XBox videogames. You might be able to exploit a few glitches here or there, but actually altering the game itself? Sorry, no can do.'s not quite that straightforward. Someone decided to hook their PC up to their XBox360, take files from the XBox Hard drive, patch them with custom-built software that looked like this:


......and then put the altered files back onto the XBox Hard Drive. Once this was done, the game was open to all sorts of abuse. You could make the characters giants, spawn thousands of guns, generate an endless amount of zombies, name it, it was probably do-able. The exploit was quickly fixed, and the files are now supposedly useless.


The bit that really interested me was that in many threads on unrelated forums, some people were claiming that using these programs on their PC had resulted in Steam accounts being stolen.

Despite testing these various programs for what seems like an age, I'm no closer to having my Steam account stolen than I was last week. It's possible that people are having their Steam account taken via an unrelated method, and in the rush to work out the cause this hack / mod is taking the fall. With that in mind, if anyone reading this tried the above hack (or knows someone that did) and you think your account details for Steam were taken as a result of using these files, please leave a comment and let us know exactly what happened.

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