The New Testing PC Dance

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There comes a time when every testing PC has to be consigned to the virtual dustbin. A while ago, my main testbox was apparently pushed so hard it decided to catch fire and melt overnight. Pretty hardcore I guess, especially as I was able to keep testing on it for a few months more while I scoped out a replacement.

Sadly, my trusty testbox is no more and I've spent the last week or so shopping around for a replacement. Eventually, I found the one I wanted, but it came with Vista and there was no way to have them replace it for something else like XP.

Now, I'm not hugely perturbed by using Vista. My only previous experience of it was using it on a fairly hopeless laptop which is a recipe for disaster - on a desktop, I can't say I have any issues with it. The biggest stumbling block I hit was when it came to the main purpose of the PC - testing!

Little did I know, but VMWare Workstation 5 has issues (of the "it doesn't work" variety) with Vista. After a fair bit of Googling around, I couldn't find any information as to whether specific versions of Workstation 5 would work on it, and if so, which ones.

With that in mind, I thought I might add it here for future reference in case someone else doing testing (and running Workstation 5) needs to combine it with Vista. There's quite a few versions to choose from, but 5.5.8 seems to work fine. The only slight problem is that you can't drag and drop files from your real desktop onto your virtual one, but that's easy enough to get around with CDs and USB keys. Oh, your real desktop tends to freeze up for a minute or so when you launch VMWare too, so don't worry - your PC hasn't crashed.

I note a new version seems to have appeared in the meantime - 5.5.9 (at least I think it has. I certainly didn't see it when I downloaded 5.5.8 so maybe I'm just not very observant). If you've tried 5.5.9 with Vista, let me know what kind of results you've had.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, I did consider wiping it and replacing with XP - but the only version of XP I currently have to hand is in Hebrew. Long story...

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