Making Tea At The BBC

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The last few weeks, I've been busy doing a few talking head things for the BBC. Mostly, they asked me to talk about a favourite subject of mine, kids getting involved in hacking and cracking. The reaction to this subject is always fascinating, because some will immediately dismiss it as "old news". The "news" isn't that kids are doing it - they've always done it. I'm pretty sure we all know that by now. No, the interesting part for me is that by and large, we don't know what to do about it.

The filming process is a curious one, because hours and hours of filming different subjects and scenarios end up as a few minutes of material. Here's the interview.

Besides that, I also did a blink-and-you'll-miss-me spot on BBCs Newsround last week - Newsround is a news show aimed at younger viewers (typically six to twelve years old), and they asked me if I'd spell out some of the dangers for kids getting involved in this kind of activity at such a young age. Obviously, the Newsround site is aimed at young children, but here's a piece on their website about the subject anyway.

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