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When I saw the name of this website - "The Habbo Movie" - I thought it might be quite inventive. Alas, it appears to be a more standard type of "enter your login and hope you get something for free" affair.

The domain is

Here's a screenshot:


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According to Google Translator, it says something vaguely similar to this:

Habbo's best,

We now have furniture in Habbo Free! Because, Habbo is just 4 Years! But, how do you say those things receive Free? There is a solution devised by Lotus! We have placed below a Mail Form! Fill in your details and what you want to receive! You can pick only 1 thing! We have to HC and Things and Super Normal Rare stuff! What are you waiting for? Fill the form quickly! YOU RECEIVE THE FURNITURE now!

Doesn't sound very convincing so far, does it? Enter your Habbo login, and this appears:


It says:

Notice of Habbo Staff:


Habbo Staff


And, just like that, you've handed over your login to a complete stranger. I wouldn't bet on getting any free furniture...


These translations may be a bit more accurately. The Dutch used in the scam is however really horrible and is quite full of (grammatical) mistakes.

The translation:

Free things update! Another one every day!

Dear Habbo's,
Now we have Free furniture in Habbo! Because Habbo exists for 4 years now! But, how to get those Free things? Well, there is a solution devised by Lotus! We placed a mail form below! Fill in your details and what you would like to get. You can only choose 1 thing. Besides, we have HC things and Super and Normal Rare things! What are you waiting for? Fill in the form! YOU WILL RECEIVE THE FURNITURE IMMEDIATELY!

Notice of Habbo Staff:
Your credits are placed! And your chosen furniture! See you!

Habbo Staff, Lotus

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