"Buy Cocaine" Spam

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I've seen the following rather freaky spam on Blogs quite a bit lately:


...yes, that does say "Buy cocaine".

Click the link, and:

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"Second thing that make our legal cocaine special is that risk free for you.Absolutelly no side effects and any dangerous after party effects.You can use cocaine absolutely free witout any problems.Just take your cocaine online and forget about everything just party star."

...um. Click yet another link, and you're taken to a vaguely surreal website with animated dancing characters all over the place, grooving to a terrible loop of what they probably hoped sounded a little like a rave in a nightclub (it doesn't):

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It turns out that this "Cocaine" is actually just a mish-mash of various chemicals that are supposedly harmless, though some of the Wikipedia links I've added do make me wonder a little:

Guarana      200 mg
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose     100 mg
L-Tyrosine     100 mg
Passion Flower     50 mg
Caffeine     50 mg
L-Arginine     50 mg
Green Tea     10 mg
Niacin     8 mg

I'd have thought you'd need to be insane to throw that lot together, but oh well. The person dropping these links has quite a lot of sites doing the rounds at the moment:

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It's somewhat bizarre that "Hangover cures", "erection aids" and "anti aging cream" are mixed in with "Free party drugs", "Legal Cocaine" and "The Party Pills Shop" - I guess they'd probably need it after all those supplements and pills.

I'm alarmed to think that people still continue to sell things like this online because there are people out there willing to actually buy it. If you really want to take a chance and buy some random pills touted as a "legal form of cocaine" by some guy in Afghanistan dropping spam links on the net, then I'd suggest skipping Rehab and making do with the Asylum instead...

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