The Strange World of EBay Auctions

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I see all sorts of weird and wonderful things on EBay. Today I'm going to take a look at various hacking sales, and also a bunch of Myspace related "offers". As you probably already guessed, most of this is borderline dubious enough for it to be plastered with notices to EBay about how they "Comply with the Terms & Conditions". With that out of the way, let's dive right in...

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There seem to be quite a lot of these on sale at the moment - Myspace accounts with high friend counts and low profile IDs. As the blurb says for this one:

"This is a myspace account with a low digit id number and lots of friends everything will be email to you ,i cant give you the url cause of safety reason".

Yes, for "safety reasons". Nothing to do with selling accounts being against the T&C of Myspace, honest. Here's another one:

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In all cases, these sales seem to be by new EBay users with zero feedback. Would you trust them? I certainly wouldn't. Here's an interesting one for the "Buy it now" price of $25:

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That's an inventive way of making money, isn't it? Of course, it's easily abused too. Do people really hand over their logins for things to random people on EBay? Really? Wow.

Another method of making money via EBay in relation to Myspace is offering to increase the play count for musicians, through a combination of manual plays and automated software. Here's one:

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From the text (Bold added by me):

"As a free extra we will also up your page views to make it reflect your plays. this way you dont have over a million plays and only 20 views. that would look bad. so we will up both at the same time and help you climb the myspace charts. 

We are here to get you to the top of the myspace charts. We give you 100% natural plays and they look real too. We don't just play one song over and over, we play them and with our software, it's untraceable so you can't get caught."


However, there's so many to choose from...

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This time round, the blurb is as follows:

"many sellers claim to have made the software/script/program.
many of sellers claim to have rights to these items.
many of sellers claim the HITS are unique.
but what most sellers don't tell you is amidst the lies,is...

it also comes with PROXY capabilities to avoid deletion.and make HITS UNIQUE."

I love how twitchy and on edge most of these listings seem, like they think they're going to get busted at any second. Now, it's time to switch attention and see what's up for grabs in the realm of hacking and cracking:


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Well, that's....blatant. Nice that you buy one, get one free though. His description of the hacking tools on offer is hilarious:

"guys!! i've been buying hacking software in diffrent places,online etc...

and check this out me and my family went to Germany for vication last week ,and i went to internet CAFE to check my ebay, then  theres one dude come up  to me and asked if i wanna buy hacking software,, and i said ok let me see it, and he show me some programs and its verry cool uneek progz..i mean its the best software ive ever SEEN..AND I HEARD GERMAN MAKES CRAZY PROGZ! THATS WHY I TRUST HIM.


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This guy takes the "This is for educational purposes only" approach, and claims everything on offer is distributed under the "Freedom of Information Act". Then you scroll down and see him talking about learning to "spy on people with secret keyloggers" and you wonder about people's freedom to not be hijacked by stupid tools like these.

Finally, here's one seller that gives a shoutout to some pals:

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Surprisingly, EBay isn't awash with content such as the above. Probably just as well...


I like how the last two auctions feature screenshots from the videogame Uplink. So that's a sure sign of quality.

eBay is hitting tough times. Do you guys think its going to be a marketing place for great and funny items such as the ones listed in this article? And real inventory will be shipped off to big e-tailers such as Amazon [] and new and up comers Wigix []?

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