Ready To Roll: The Myspace Meatspin

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You're a leet scriptkiddy and you just hijacked a Myspace profile. Do you

A) Experience remorse and hand the login back to its rightful owner
B) Feel like too much of a wimp to simply give it back, but pretend you "found some logins" and get into your victims good books
C) Insert a piece of custom-made HTML that overlays the entire profile with a fullscreen blast of

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...yeah, we know what option they're going to pick.

Sure enough, visit a hacked profile containing the code (and you're not going to know it's hacked until you've actually hit the page) and...

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It's interesting how much shock memes are used in hack attacks nowadays - on the bright side, I managed to create what may well be the worlds first Safe For Work screenshot of Meatspin. Admittedly most of it is blanked out, but hey - it only took me six spins to do it...

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