A Case Of Twitter Username Squatting?

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There's a lot of security companies on Twitter these days. BitDefender, TrendMicro, Kaspersky, FaceTime, F-Secure and more besides - plus all the researchers and independent security people who have their own Twitter accounts. That's a whole lot of people yammering on about security, and pretty much all tastes are accounted for.

However, as with all new(ish) sites - if you don't snap up your personalised domain extension, someone is going to grab it before you get there. Earlier today, I was looking for some security companies on Twitter and saw this:


Very peculiar. If you visit the profile, it's already been suspended.


The account only sent out the one message before the plug was pulled. There are two possibilities here:

1) The scammer registered the "nod32antivirus" username on Twitter to try and get money from ESET in return for the nod32antivirus username on Twitter, which is about as poorly thought out a plan as it sounds.

2) The message refers to the sale of the website listed in the single Twitter message, though the way it's worded (and the fact that this person randomly decided to register nod32antivirus as their username) would tend to make this rather unlikely. Either way, Twitter thought there was something sufficiently strange here to suspend the account.

I EMailed the site owner anyway, and have so far had no reply. If I actually get a response, I'll update the entry...

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