XBox Live "Microsoft Point Generator" Scam

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If you have an XBox Live account, be on the lookout for this.

In every case I've ever seen, when someone offers you "free" goodies for something related to XBox live you should give it a very wide berth unless it's something official from Microsoft. I personally don't even bother with official third-party offers - I go straight to Microsoft for anything, and if they don't have the particular amazing offer that I happen to see available directly from them, well, too bad for me.

Here's an example of something you should avoid entirely unless you want your account details stolen.

Called the "Microsoft Point Generator", the end-user is fooled into thinking they can create their own Microsoft Points by simply entering their Windows Live ID and Password into the sections provided:


Hit "Generator Points" (I'm assuming they meant to say "Generate"...) and your details are sent via EMail to those responsible for the scam:


That's the EMail and password of the victim at the bottom, there.

We detect this as PWS.XBpoint.

Additional Research: Chris Mannon, Senior Threat Researcher


microsoft points please.

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