Online Pokemon Game + Adware? You Bet...

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It seems these cookie-cutter sites offering Zango in return for things that can easily be obtained elsewhere are never going to dry up. Case in point - here's an advert I saw a little earlier today on a gaming site:

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This advert takes you to the following colourful website:

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The domain in question here is

On offer is a "free" Pokemon online game, assuming you agree to install Zango to play it:

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Of course, we know how this is going to turn out. Install Zango, download the zipfile, install the "game" and....


....what you actually end up with is a Client for something called "Pokemon World Online". The only problem is, you can download this minus Adware at their official website. Interestingly, they actually flagged this on one of their news articles and mention a second website:

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The second site listed is

Both domains are registered anonymously. Colour me surprised...

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