More MMORPG Fakeouts

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Here's a few more sites presumably created by the maker of the fake Batman Online game.

Step up, Dragonball Z:

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To "download" this Dragonball Z MMORPG, you have to fill out a survey:

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Once done, you'll be amazed(!) to find you're taken to....shockingly....the official Dragonball Z MMORPG game.

The only problem? The website is in Japanese and the game hasn't been released yet.

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Forgive me for thinking this isn't the greatest deal I've ever been sold.

Now it's Harry Potters turn:

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Like the Batman site, you need to install Zango. Do so,'re taken to the popular Hogwarts Live, which you could have easily found and played yourself without installing Adware. As you probably guessed, the screenshot from the title graphic on the site is not part of the game you'll eventually play.

The sites involved are


in case you want to add them to your blocklists.

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