Haven't Seen These For A While...

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Hmm, something doesn't look right about this person on a random friend list I came across today:


Why hello there, "Freddy". Should you visit the profile, Freddy seemingly has a rapid identity change:


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This is (of course) a fake graphic placed on top of a real profile (in this case, a "Comedy" profile). Note that they haven't aligned it very well, though they do score bonus points for ensuring that both "Angelina" and every single fake person in their contact list are showing as "Online now". Click the image, and you're taken to (surprise, surprise) a dating website:

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There was a time when I would stumble across these overlaid profiles every other day (not to mention the endless friend requests from Bots promoting similar websites), but the friend requests have long since dried up and I hardly ever see these kinds of profiles anymore.

That's not to say they're not out there anymore, but it would be nice to think Myspace have cracked down on these in recent months...

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