Good Value Proposition?

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There's been some extensive examination of the server that hosted the (now deceased) Batman Online game website. I already highlighted two of the other dubious "MMORPG websites" designed to get the end-user to jump through hoops for very little (if anything) in return.

Now I'm going to show you what else is lurking on the same box. As you might have expected, most of the other sites follow the same pattern - entice you into installing Adware, and giving you little to nothing in return.

Family Guy Video site:

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Install Zango to "see Family Guy". Except once you've installed it, you're taken to a page of Youtube links.

Watch Avatar Online:

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Install Zango to see the episodes. Once installed, you're taken - predictably - to another page of links. Even better, all of the links take you to some 18 year old guys videopage who only seems to have a grand total of three videos online. They don't exactly look official, either.

Copy DS games:

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Install Zango to "find out" how to copy DS games. Once done, you get a page of info that could have been found in Google in about five second flat.

Download Hip-hop beats:

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This one is particularly humorous. The site has four songs available to download, with a "Full Beat Download List" also available. To hear any of the four songs, you have to install Zango.

Once you've done that, you finally have access to the download list. Imagine your dismay, then, when you find the list is six songs long. They also say

"Please note that any beat you download is of respect to its rightful artist or dj. We do not enourage stealing of music as your own. Please keep whatever you download only to yourself."


As you might have guessed, the rest of the sites are like this - everything is either a blatant lie like the Batman site, a wonderfully creative bending of the truth (like the Dragonball Z MMORPG webpage) or underperforming nonsense like the "Hip Hop Beats" URL.

Here's a list of the sites on this box that act in a similar manner to the above:

There might be one or two that I missed, so feel free to add them.

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