A New Twist on Movie Sites Promoting Zango Installs

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I've written about websites offering up pirate movie content in exchange for Zango installs previously. Well, here's an interesting spin on that idea courtesy of Ben Edelman who came across this a day or two ago.

It's your typical example of the above - this one is called prisonbreakstreaming(dot)com.

I've highlighted the interesting part in red:

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"we know there are plenty of people rushing over to watch Prison Break episode 3 now, we recommend downloading zango to help speed up buffering and to watch the videos streaming."

As far as I'm aware, Zango does not help "speed up buffering" or improve streaming. Reminds me of the Adware installs from a couple of years ago where website owners would claim absolutely anything just to get you to install something.

Happy days are here again?

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