Spammers Take A Cheap Shot...

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I'm on holiday this week, but thought I'd better give this a mention anyway (plus, when did being on holiday ever stop me from posting stuff on blogs, right?)

I was surprised to see this posted to the comments section of the Sunbelt Blog:


I was about as surprised as The Dean was!

To quote a further post from The Dean:

"Well, that's weird. Isn't spywareguide Paperghost's blog? I know he wouldn't spam here. And, the link on the first comment goes to a 404 page."

So, we have someone spamming with broken English, dropping links to 404 pages on Spywareguide. Curious.

Now, I did have some suspicions on this - for starters, the recent blogs regarding the pirate movie websites that pop Zango installers just hit a few news websites. As this article mentions, a lot of the sites involved in this are from Asian regions - China, Indonesia etc. I couldn't help but notice the name of the poster was "Tam" - a common name in certain parts of Asia.

Coincidence? Or a possible affiliate not too happy about this being highlighted? Well, a quick email later and the results for the spammer are in:


A potentially forged Reverse DNS aside, it's a strange thing indeed that they just happen to resolve to Vietnam given that a good portion of these sites are in Asia, isn't it?

I think I'll see if any are owned by someone called "Tam".

When I return from my holiday, of course....

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