Marketing Bot Allows Insertion of Custom Facebook Feed Messages

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The Facebook News Feed is something that tells everyone on your friend list what both you (and everyone on your friend list) is doing, and it's the first thing you see when you login:


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Effectively, it takes bits and pieces of all the smaller feeds and rolls them into one. However, imagine instead of the above in your feed, you see something like this:


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Those are customised messages inserted into your feed - and there's a good chance everyone on your Friends list will see it on their own feed when they login to Facebook.

This would happen because someone has made a Bot for Facebook that allows you to insert your own custom message / image / clickable link into your Facebook feed. I've no idea if this is against the Facebook Terms of Service or not, but I can only imagine the chaos that would ensue if someone purchases this application then decides to use it for nefarious purposes. It's being promoted as a sales / marketing tool, but from a security standpoint it seems potentially disastrous.

If a bad actor buys their own Bot, imagine the Myspace-style spam campaigns that could take place...everything from malicious URLs to obnoxious flashing banners could be the order of the day. At the very least, one would hope the makers of this Bot have some quality control going on with regards Bot owners. More here.

/ Hat-tip to LoLo

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