Lost.....and Found

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The practice of affiliates signing up with Zango then hiding pirated movies behind their installer prompt ([1], [2]) takes another twist, as we go hunting for TV episodes instead of movies and find....

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......TV shows (streamed from Chinese Youtube-style websites for the most part, though a lot of the clips have been pulled for breaking ToS on the sites in question), hidden behind Zango installer prompts. Many of the episodes are uploaded by individuals who link back to Warez sites (such as the Xinoa.net site in his profile), so these are clearly not all legitimate uploads. Some of the videos linked to may be legitimate, but for the most part, the videos across the sites are branded with Chinese BitTorrent websites, video rip portals with the name of the site branded onto the clip , deleted for being an unauthorised upload and so on).

Obviously, this is something of a mini industry we have here but I'm faintly alarmed that so many of these affiliates are happily churning out these kinds of sites. I'm also pretty sure Zango doesn't want people seeing what effectively says "Free ripped off movies online sponsored by Zango" on their installer prompts, either.

As a side note, it's not just Zango affiliates doing this - here's another example, this time for something called "Cpalead.com" that wants you to fill in a survey in return for seeing "free" episodes of Lost:

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In case you were wondering, my monitor isn't broken, they just grey out the page when the popup appears. The Lost episodes appear to be ripped by end-users and uploaded to Megavideo.com.

The sites above are


I guess I ended up with a trilogy after all.

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