CNN Daily Top 10 Videos Spam

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Like me, you've probably had quite a few "CNN Top 10" emails through over the last day or so. Here's just two of the many, many mails I've had through to various mailboxes:


If you opened up any of the mails, you'd have seen this:


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The first clue that something might have been amiss is the strangeness of some of the titles ("Michael Jackson sued by his own dog" isn't something I'd expect to see on CNN, at least not yet). Of course, the giveaway is that regardless of what link you click on, each one takes you to a website that isn't - in fact, they all point to the same "video".


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If you download and install the file offered up, horrible things will start happening to your PC. Let's put it this way - anyone expecting to see Michael Jacksons dog in a courtroom is going to be severely disappointed.

Before long, your desktop will look like this:


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You'll have warnings like these:


And a rogue antivirus product will magically appear on your desktop:


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Worst of all, look at the name of one of the fake infections they try to scare the user with.

There's subtlety, then there's this:


....if you want to avoid your computer contributing to the "terrorist threat", don't open up any emails claiming to contain CNN videos.

Even if its Michael Jackson and his dog.

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