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In general, my anti-spam filters and tools are pretty effective. So when I start to see something like this....


cn2.jpg's obvious that a huge spam wave is underway. These are, of course, related to the fake CNN Spam from a few days ago. Here, the emails take the form of "custom alerts":


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I've seen two types of this mail - one links to a genuine CNN article from the headline text (with the smaller link underneath leading to an infection site), the other simply links to the infection site from both clickable links. As before, deleting these Emails is the best course of action. Interestingly, the format of these mails might not be working to the spammers advantage. Lots of people I've talked to who had one of these mails sent through simply deleted them without a second thought, thinking it was merely something on the real CNN they thought they'd signed up to and didn't actually want.


Consider this a heads up. MSNBC is the new "hook" it seems. When I try to save the link though, I get this one instead:
If one was to click on the link, you'll get the infamous "You need to download the new ActiveX update to view this video" window. I was forced to shut down my browser to write this.

Thanks! I got a couple of these through today, and am currently writing it up now. Funnily enough, this is one time I *wanted* to download the spam but my mail filter was broken and wouldn't let me download it....even though when it *is* working, I can download it just fine.

There's something not quite right about that, somehow :)

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