Another Site Hiding Pirate Movies Behind a Zango Installer Prompt

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A few days ago, I wrote about a site asking you to install Zango before you could view the site content (which happens to be pirated movies). Well, another site has come to light doing a similar thing - I'm starting to wonder how many of these are actually out there. It's also served to highlight what I feel is a particularly confusing popup box, but we'll get to that later. First off, here's the website in question:

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Bestcinemaonline(dot)com. As you can see, the site is similar to the last one (except that site is registered anonymously to an individual in China, whereas this one is registered to someone in Indonesia). Also, the format is different - the last site was more of a "movie repository", whereas this one takes the shape and style of a blog with each individual entry pointing to a film. And what films they are!



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Hellboy! (Is that even out yet?)

As you might have expected, a lot of the movies end up looking like this when attempting to watch them:

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I must also give a special mention to one of the most confusing popup warnings I've ever seen - it really threw me, and I admit I nearly installed Zango accidentally after seeing it. If (when prompted with the Zango installer box) you click "Cancel", this appears in the middle of your screen:


"Click OK to Cancel or Click "Cancel" to continue the installation".

.....Whaaaaaa? That's a bit of a brain bender, right there. I hope this set of writeups doesn't become a Trilogy...

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