An "Aw3s0me" Offer?

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Yes, it's time for our regular "sites to avoid" update with regards URLs related to this ring of sites asking for MSN login details. Yesterday evening, I received this via MSN:


Interestingly, this is the first site I've seen promoted on MSN related to this where the site being pushed isn't asking for your login details. Instead, it cycles through a bunch of adverts & promotions instead. Rather worryingly, the domain has been flagged for Phishing.


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In what might be a departure for these websites, there appears to be "real" Whois data listed for the URL, as opposed the "privacy protected" details I seem to remember being used for all the others.

Registrant Contact:
   TST Management, Inc
   Jeff Fisher
   Edificio Magna Corp. 5th Floor, Office 511
   Ave. Manuel Maria Icaza y Calle 51
   Panama City, Panama 0000

I'm sure there'll be another chapter in this ongoing saga soon.

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