A Change of Plan For Your Spam

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Someone really has to reign me in with these titles. Anyway, you may or may not have heard that the CNN spam mails have now morphed into mails that appear to come from Msnbc.com instead. The titles of the emails are still as insane as ever:


......uh, wow. The email will take you to a fake Flash download, just like the previous efforts:

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Obviously, they haven't gotten around to making fake Msnbc pages so for now we're still stuck with the fake CNN pages.

An odd side-effect of these emails is that they're likely lowering subscriber numbers for CNN and Msnbc, because the emails contain genuine unsubscribe links at the bottom:


I doubt the creators of these scam mails intended that - they're just wanting to make the mails look realistic - but I could imagine disgruntled subscribers wondering why CNN and Msnbc keep sending them these things then reaching for the "no more, please!" link...

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