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Here's a spamming program that targets Xfire users, with a particularly distasteful name. If you're under 16, you'll probably find the name incredibly lulzy (or whatever it is that kids under 16 are saying at the moment). Open up the zip the program comes in, and you'll see that it's


...yeah, charming. Note that it also comes bundled with a solitary MP3, presumably to rock out to over and over again while you get your fill of spamming chatboxes for a small portion of eternity.

Here's the application in action - there seems to be an abundance of angry, red shouty faces with this one, doesn't there?


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Hit the "Bomb Em" button, and the program rather helpfully asks you how many times you want to nuke your victim. For no real reason, I went for a comic reference and selected 52:


But wait! One more charming popup box awaits:


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.....anyone think the creator needs anger management classes yet?

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